Azure CDN Purge in Azure Devops using PowerShell command using Azure CLI

Azure Devops pipeline for cdn purge | Azure CDN Purge the cache using Azure Devops Pipeline

Azure CDN Purge in Azure Devops using PowerShell command using Azure CLI

CDN Purge cache:

Azure CDN is efficient for static websites which can store the content in nearby CDN servers cached values so that the website is faster in response for users. So, if we have updated the content in the storage account where the Azure CDN is pointed to then we must purge or refresh the cached contents in the Azure CDN servers so that all the users are getting updated files.

We can purge the Azure CDN content using the following comment using Azure CLI:

az cdn endpoint purge --content-paths

Required Parameters

  • --content-paths The path to the content to be purged. Can describe a file path or a wildcard directory.

Optional Parameters

  • --ids One or more resource IDs (space-delimited). It should be a complete resource ID containing all information of 'Resource Id' arguments. You should provide either --ids or other 'Resource Id' arguments.

  • --name -n Name of the CDN endpoint.

  • --no-wait Do not wait for the long-running operation to finish.

  • --profile-name Name of the CDN profile which is unique within the resource group.

  • --resource-group -g Name of resource group. You can configure the default group using az configure --defaults group=.

  • --subscription Name or ID of subscription. You can configure the default subscription using az account set -s NAME_OR_ID.**

Azure Devops Task for Purge CDN

Below is the task which we can use inside the Azure Devops Pipeline to execute the purge command in Azure CDN to clear and update the cache in CDN servers.

We are giving --no-wait so that we don't wait till the CDN is getting purged. If we don't have this parameter flag set, then this task will wait till the CDN content is purged fully.

  - task: AzureCLI@2
    displayName: "Azure CLI: Purge CDN"
      azureSubscription: $(azureSubscription)
      scriptType: "ps"
      scriptLocation: inlineScript
      inlineScript: |
        az cdn endpoint purge -g $(azureResourceGroupStorageAccount) --profile-name $(cdnProfileName) --name $(cdnEndPoint) --no-wait --content-paths "/path-of-folder-to-purge/*"